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I have been updating my knowledge of web-writing ... that is: writing the content for your website ... It seems to me there are too many websites that go no-where and do nothing when they could be building your business and increasing your volumes. Leave a note in the message box if you want me to take a no-obligation look at your website. 

Copywriting services are available as usual. 






UK cellphone:      (44)7720 637096

My SKYPE: chris.thornton98 

If you're into big band music click here to visit another site I am involved with

I'm available 24-7



Copywriter and Voice-over Specialist with 40 years experience in the education and entertainment fields. Also a Publicist and Resume Writer.


Voice Overs

Click on the boxes on the left to for voice samples. Can turn most projects around in 24 hours. Also work closely with arranger and vocalist Jay Jay Lozano. Between us, we can produce catchy, original and affordable jingles, designed to your specifications and of broadcast quality. Samples available.



·        Is your website doing what you want it to do?

·        Is it doing it effectively?

·        Are your sales letter, emails and advertising copy doing their jobs properly?

·        Are your Press Releases building the best possible image for your business?

·        Do you know the most effective way to build a mailing list?




Resume Writing

Most people are blissfully unaware of the essential techniques that must be used in properly constructing an effective resume (or c.v.). They are content to use the layout they learned in school, or copied from their friends, without a thought about the importance of this document in their future career.

Consequently, 95% of resumes lack impact!

I know the techniques and I know the right words to use. In fact, I guarantee results. Email me for further details. 

Email me for a quote for any of my services. For voice overs, usually U.S.$100 for the first page (based on a font-size of 14 - my eyesight isn't getting any better!) and $25 per page thereafter.

And don't forget ... you don't pay until you and your client are 100% happy.




British; 64 years old


*professional voice talent.

*25 years radio experience
*deep voice
*British accent 
*authoritative voice



- animation

- messages on hold

- voice mail system

- websites

- multimedia

- podcasting

- radio commercials

- corporate videos

- program narration
*video visuals

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CHRIStheVOICE.COM * Flat 1, Premiere House, 43A The Broadway, Mill Hill, London NW7 3DA, UK. * Phone: +44 7720 637096

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